Please Fuck My Boyfriend

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ciao, posso chiederti un consiglio? la mia ragazza è gelosissima, io non la tradirei mai nè mai ho pensato ad una cosa a tre, però qualche tempo fa mi ha detto che quando la faccio ingelosire mi vorrebbe uccidere ma pure saltarmi addosso perchè si eccita, e la cosa mi ha stuzzicato assai, ammetto che ci ho pensato molto. oggi dopo esserci divertiti mi ha confermato la cosa ed ha detto che anzi la ecciterebbe vedermi baciare un'altra mentre lei me lo sta succhiando. è una possibile quean per te?

II parteperò ad esempio diceva che il mio pene è solo suo, l’altra deve solo leccarmi il collo e cose così. insomma, la eccita questa piccola competizione, che lei però vuole e deve ovviamente vincere. l’ho giocata male però credo ehehe, dovrei riprovarci secondo te?

Sinceramente penso che sì, le premesse ci sono, e lei potrebbe essere una cuckquean.
Credo tu sia in una di quelle fasi molto delicate dove ogni minima mossa può decidere il tuo destino (guarda come diventa epico il discorso!), perciò attento a ciò che dici. 
Da quello che ho capito, la gelosia è al momento uno degli ingredienti principali dell’attrattiva sessuale della cosa: è eccitante perché è oltraggioso e vietato. Se riuscissi a cavalcare quest’onda senza farla sentire come se tu non vedessi l’ora di buttarti sulle altre, avresti un giusto appiglio per poter riaprire il discorso (ammesso che sia stato chiuso).
Sii ottimista, questo genere di pensieri non va via facilmente una volta che entrano in testa. Ammesso che si facessero dei passi falsi e il discorso si chiudesse, fidati quando ti dico che può essere riaperto in qualsiasi momento. Non ci si dimentica facilmente di aver trovato eccitante il cuckqueaning.

Just wanted to say your posts about the experiments are lovely and very interesting to read. I've recently 'discovered this world' and while it intrigues me and dare I say turns me on, I don't think my girl would ever agree to it. So I will keep this as mere thoughts and dreams, and that's ok. How did you get pet into this idea? Maybe I have a chance lol Best of luck to the both of you! Looking forward to reading more updates! (give pet a kiss; she deserves it)


Thank you for your kind words! Pet has been firmly kissed, for she certainly does deserve it.

I didn’t really get her into the idea, as such. I’m firmly of the opinion that attempting to convince someone that they want to be the “cheated-on” partner in fidelity play looks like a huge conflict of interest and throws the integrity of the arrangement into question. (How to manufacture a compliant cuckquean from scratch and on demand seems to be a much-sought-after method, which gives me the creeps. See also: Post-fact rationalisation of secret infidelity.) That doesn’t mean you can’t mention it, just that you have to be careful not to even slightly coerce or badger in any way.

Pet and I seem to have different memories of how we first got into the idea. Pet’s version goes something along the lines of “Master brought up the topic of mistresses in jest one day, and then later I decided that I might actually like him to go off and have one”.

Yeah, Pet isn’t very talkative right now. She’s blushing and making noises instead of forming words so I’ll embellish for her.

Pet and I have always been very open with each other about my lusting after other pretty women. We can do this because we have iron-strong trust in each other and she could be absolutely sure I would not betray her. Long before we even considered any of this, it’d be common for me to quietly point out to Pet a girl I was enjoying looking at or for Pet to spot a nice pair of legs for me to ogle. Zero problem; very enjoyable; far more than the population of poor partnered men ever get.

Some time ago, I joked to Pet offhand that my having a mistress would be useful. She replied that it certainly would, but she wouldn’t be able to bear sharing me. The topic ended there, but the conversation piqued my curiosity: “Just how does someone go about actually keeping a mistress, anyway? Seems like a lot of work.” (Short answer? Have money, lie a lot.)

During that research, I stumbled upon cuckqueaning. I already knew but didn’t care at all about the existence of cuckolding/NTR fetishes and had always been curious as to whether a female equivalent existed and how it differed but I didn’t know the term until then. Now here they were! I was intrigued. Armed with the terminology, I read the accounts of as many different cuckqueans as I could find.

I mentioned my discovery to Pet and she agreed it was interesting and made sense that they had to exist. That was the end of the topic. We continued along our normal pet/owner relationship, with me training and using her as I had before. In the months after that we occasionally spoke on and off about it, mostly in the abstract as an interesting topic along with the many other interesting things we talk about together.

One day, after a particularly enjoyable bout of rough sex, a panting Pet confessed to me that she had briefly imagined that the squelching of pussy juice around my cock was from the pussy of another girl and that she had - to her surprise - not really minded.

We began carefully feeling the idea out together. It was discovered that not only did she actually not mind the idea of me with another girl but that she liked the idea of how much fun I’d have with it. (It’s worth noting here that she already fundamentally experienced sex as a way to serve me, deriving her own pleasure from mine.) We gradually came to the conclusion that it was something we should experiment with.

We made plans and Pet requested that I train her for it to help her along; like all her other training it was simply a matter of me finding what was already there and bringing it out. She went from being rather timid about the idea - she’d love me to have a mistress but didn’t really want to know about it - to squirming and craving the knowledge that I was fucking elsewhere.

So began the cuckqueaning experiments, which you have already read. Pet has gone from being recalcitrant about being present to wanting to know every detail about my encounters to discovering that she wants to watch and hear me fuck as many other girls as I can lay hands on.


you know you are a cuckquean when:  He starts playing with you when just waking up and then falls asleep and instead of being upset you get hot when you think it might be because He realized it wasn’t Her when He heard you moan and decided it wasn’t worth being awake for.

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You know what I love about having realized I’m a cuckquean?
That when I was 13 I would cry and get angry at myself and be confused etc for every unconscious fantasy I’d have, whereas now I can wake up after dreaming about my boyfriend being all cuddly and sweet with another girl in front of me, and go “Aaaaw, good morning to me <3” image

Queanbulls get to have their cake and eat it :D get it ? cuck-`cakes` ? having your cake and eating it ? :D punny much ? xD

ha! you’re a funny one 

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Hello from Australia and thanks for sharing your amazing sexuality on tumblr! I love your comments and explanations on your sexuality - it's liberating to see such openness and honesty.

Thank you so much for your kind comment! *3*
Hello back from Italy :D