Please Fuck My Boyfriend

Try with a gift

For those cuckqueans still struggling with the waiting and the feeling of being left out while their Queanbull gives all his attention to the lover, and for those Queanbulls still worried about the cuckdrop (can we use this term just as we use subdrop?) of their partner,
try with a little gift. 

Waiting for your Queanbull to come back home after 7 hours of romantic date and then having him give you a gift bought exactly for you is a very efficient way to give reassurance and show that the cuckquean is never forgotten <3

AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahah omfg porn infomercial is backand I love every second of it

AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahah omfg 
porn infomercial is back
and I love every second of it

Random date at random day

Just for the record, He’s out with her now, apparently enjoying that PDA that I love so much. I just wish I was there to look at them, instead of stuck at home with my period. 
Guess I’ll just convince myself that he’s enjoying her because I’m not satisfying him enough :3


Ti voglio fucking bene…davvero. I say we grab a drink.

dammi ora e luogo xD

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And that’s not even mentioning the issue that frequently arises among cheaters where they don’t see you as a person, they see you as a fantasy to be fulfilled, and sadly people treat fantasies very differently than they do living breathing human beings. You quite often get treated like the fun new toy, which is awesome when they’re paying money to dress you up like Barbie, but then they get all confused when they pop off your arm at the socket and it turns out whoops, it doesn’t pop back in like you’re a plastic playtoy.

Excerpt from “Why I Don’t Have Relationships With Cheating Partners” by The Ferrett (originally posted on Fetlife at - must be a member to view.)
when your boyfriend cucks/cuckqueans you for another woman, how does it go down ? would you be in the room ? or would he just decide to go out and have his fun ? would you set things up ?

Honestly, it depends on the ‘cake. 
I’d be perfectly ok with being in the same room (it’s actually something that I’m really eager to try), but I’m not the emotionally unstable one, she is, so we always try to reassure her and comfort her. This means that I set up the house and then leave so they can stay alone, or I totally bypass a weekend in which I could see my boyfriend so he can bring his date at his house. Sometimes it’s about him going out for dinner with her, or at the cinema. 
So yeah, that’s how it usually goes :3

For example, I just got back to the city where I study, and tomorrow he will have a movie night with our ‘cake at his house. I’m so happy.image

(just kiddin’)

Honestly you don`t have to upload content every time, it would be nice just to hear a 'hello' or a 'tip of the day' would be nice. Lots of Loves to your blog <3

That’s a nice suggestion, anon. Especially because I’m always worried about not making this blog end up with more words than images (which was the original idea). But I’ll definitely try to speak up more :3 and lots of loves right back at you :*

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